Credit & Education Services


How Our Process Work?

You have the right to dispute anything on your credit report that appears to be inaccurate, outdated, erroneous or unverifiable. That’s the law. All creditors are obligated to prove the information on your credit report is accurate and correct any and all violations of the law.

If a creditor is unable to perform under the strict guidelines of the law, they must remove the account from your credit report.


All Credit Reports Contain Violations, Including Yours

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is federal government regulated and it was enacted to promote the accuracy, fairness, and privacy of consumer information contained in the files of consumer reporting agencies. This regulation gives you the right to dispute incomplete and/or inaccurate information. It also holds the credit bureaus accountable for correcting and/or deleting inaccurate, incomplete, or unverifiable information.  

Even derogatory events that belong to you must meet strict legal guidelines. Just because something is added to your credit report doesn’t mean it complies with the law. If the creditor can’t verify the account and correct the errors it’s on your account illegally. We use these laws to legally and permanently remove items from your credit report.

Our Credit Experts will coach you on the following:

· How to build great credit

· How to efficiently raise your credit score

· How to responsibly use and maintain good credit

· How to consistently increase and maintain a good credit score once it is established

Our Pricing is Straightforward & Easy

One time Audit and Credit Report from all three Credit Bureaus Fee

Getting started is easy. The cost to setup your account and complete an audit is $129.95. To order a full history of your credit from all 3 credit bureaus is $25.00.  Your total cost to enroll is only $154.95.                                                                                                                                                                   

Credit Audit

There are approximately 70 million people with bad credit. Studies show that a high percentage, 79% of consumer credit reports contain errors.  We will find every error and create a custom dispute strategy for each error using consumer protection laws. You will receive a written analysis of your credit report and one of our friendly account advisors will answer all your questions. Your dispute letters will be mailed immediately, we’ll even cover the postage cost.

$125.00 Per Deleted Account

You only pay for the accounts we delete from your credit report. With over a million accounts deleted from our client’s credit reports, we’ve become masters at finding errors that result in a legal and permanent deletion. When we delete an account, we’ll bill you. If we can’t delete an account, you don’t pay. We’ll do all the work first, then bill you later.

$349.00 for Bankruptcy Dispute and Removal

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$25.00 Credit Monitoring

In order for us to monitor our progress, we require that you pay $25.00 only per month for credit monitoring service. This will allow us to run your credit monthly. 

You're Approved!

Pay off your balance at only $25.00 weekly interest free. Every month we will refresh your credit report and bill you only for the accounts that we've deleted.  When you receive an invoice, pay $25.00 a week until you reach a zero balance.