Cracking the Credit Code


This guide provides step-by-step instruction on how to enhance and/or correct your credit.

This is a proven method that works. If you are diligent and follow the instructions provided 

in this guide, you will see an improvement in your credit rating and a new start to a life of 

credit worthiness. Our Credit Enhancement Guide includes instruction on how to address the following: 

How the Credit Bureaus Work

Collection Agencies

Reading Your Credit Report

Credit Reporting & Credit Monitoring

Understanding Debt Validation, Credit Disputes & Your Rights

Getting Started with the Process of Repairing Credit

Disputing Public Records
Disputing Charge Offs

Disputing Collections

Disputing Late Payments

Disputing Bankruptcy

Disputing Inquiries

Disputing Tax Liens & Resolving Tax Debt

Consolidating Student Loans

How to Improve your score quickly

Credit Scoring Secrets

Keeping Your Credit Scores High

FCRA Program & Our Network

How to find a Non-Check Systems Bank

Credit Card Offerers

Website Links

Sample Letters



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Book Reviews


Deric M. Dandridge

Kenya Hellems-Stewart

Kenya Hellems-Stewart

Being a business owner for over 34 years and retired from the credit repair industry after 20 years, I have a quote that simply says, “I believe in actually giving real help to people.” And that quote stands true for Ms Sherry Jones-Quashie author of Cracking the Credit Code. You see along my credit journey from once having very bad credit to being a credit repair business owner I’ve read hundreds of books on the subject of credit repair and have attended countless national credit repair seminars around the country over the years. And from reading the first chapter I knew that this should be the book that America had to read to deal with fixing their personal credit problems. You see most books on the subject of credit repair can become very intimidating because of so much legal terminology and using words that at times you need to pull your dictionary out to get a better understanding of a word. But Ms Jones-Quashie’s book is simplistic easy to understand fun to read and will give you 100% of the information that you need to turn denied into approved. We all messed up at one point in our lives but reading Cracking The Credit Code “A Race To The Finish.” Will surely give you the opportunity to fix what’s broken with your credit and help you establish a clear understanding how you may have been knocked down but this book will show you why you’re not knocked out.

Deric M. Dandridge

Dandridge Seminars


Kenya Hellems-Stewart

Kenya Hellems-Stewart

Kenya Hellems-Stewart


Boy do I have a story to tell. While strolling through reading messages all day trying to play catch-up, I came across one that caught my attention yes it was a CREDIT REPAIR BOOK.
Here is the link....

Not only did I buy it, I read the entire book from beginning to end I had some things that needed fixing on my credit report.
Well guess what my scores have tremendously went up now I have excellent credit and the highest scores possible. And it was just by sending a letter and yes they have copies in the back.
Thanks Bardin Wolf you are now my favorite.

Kenya Hellems Stewart


Phillip Patton

Kenya Hellems-Stewart

Phillip Patton


Cracking  the Credit Code Sherry Jones-Quashie (2018) ISBN (978-1-5136-3709-9)

Cracking  the Credit Code delivers an easily understood perspective on how to understand and improve your overall Credit Scores with the different Credit Agencies.  The book not only helps you to read and understand your Credit Report, but it also explains in layman term how to audit your credit report, how to increase your credit score in 30 days,  how to dispute and remove public records, how to understand tax resolution, how to consolidate Student Loans, how to handle debt collectors and much more.

Beginning with the first chapter explanation of how the Credit Bureaus work through reading your credit report to disputing everything from collections, late payments, charge offs, and bankruptcies,  The author provides a detailed progression towards understanding and “{Cracking the Credit Code”.

The author, Sherry Jones-Quashie, proves that ‘your credit is always improvable”.  After reading this book , I was able to follow the step-by-step instructions on how to improve my credit score and was able to raise my credit score by more than 100 points in less than 6 months ! The methods provided in this book are truly proven to be effective.

I was able to successfully get my business funded and do not have any credit issues that would cause me to be denied credit from any financial institution. This book has given me a brand new insight on the Credit Reporting Agencies and provided me with a blueprint to keep my positive credit rating. Chapter 16 also provides a list of “Credit Scoring Secrets” that provided additional value.

Cracking  the Credit Code is a well written and easily understood “Blueprint” on how to understand, analyze, improve, and stay on top of your credit score. This book can literally save you thousands of dollars in Credit Counseling and/or lawyer fees .

This book doesn’t miss a beat, it also provide sample letters to send to Collection Agencies, Original  Creditors and  Credit Bureaus . I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who’s looking for an easy to understand explanation of the Credit Bureaus and an step-by-step  guide to how to improve your credit rating. 

Phil Patton